Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Breastfeeding in Public: Oh, the Horror!

Shocking. Has this mother no shame? Doesn't she know that she should give her babies a bottle (or just stay at home) rather than subject us all to a revolting display of public breastfeeding?


  1. :)

    i'm a reader but have never commented before (i don't think?)...i just loved this. made me smile!

  2. I like to say I've nursed everywhere, but I don't think I ever blocked traffic while doing so! :)

  3. Oh, that's so funny! If I had a cafe, I'd put that picture in the window with a sign saying 'breastfeeding welcome here'. Although someone might take offence ;o/ But I think it's funny!

  4. OMG, you're killing me with laughter! That is a wonderful picture, and your comments are just hilarious!


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