Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Adventures in Breastfeeding

Tonight we had dinner with two couples from our new church - the pastor's family and one other family.

When we were sitting down to dinner, the pastor's 7-month-old baby started to fuss, so his wife very matter-of-factly grabbed her Boppy and a nursing cover, and nursed him right at the table with us while we ate.


Then a few minutes later, the other mom borrowed the nursing cover and nursed her 13-month-old at the table with us.

Again, awesome!

And then I nursed our 19-month-old while everyone sat in the living room playing with guitars, and no one batted an eye.

May I say - awesome!

Christians, of all people, ought to be among the most supportive of breastfeeding, but like many, we tend to be stuck in the unhealthy habits and attitudes of past generations and regard breastfeeding as indecent or yucky/gross. It's awesome to see the new generation of conservative Christians embracing God's gift to infants and mothers like the blessing it truly is.

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