Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today I Am Not Here

..... because I am somewhere else! And excited to be there! :)

Today marks my very first stint as a guest birth blogger - on my sister blogger Olivia's birth blog, Write About Birth. Be sure to check out her blog!

Last month Olivia wrote an utterly fascinating article for my birth blog, Giving Birth in Serbia. It is a fascinating article (take a look if you haven't yet!), and after reading it I realized that if that type of hospital was my only choice, I too would be birthing my children unassisted.

Olivia and I agreed to trade blog articles, and for her blog she asked me to write about hyperemesis gravidarum. I'm afraid I got a little bit carried away, because my long-winded article made her wordpress crash, and she is going to be publishing my article in two parts. The first is up today! Check it out here. It is a "hyperemesis primer" - I tell my story, in brief (readers who have read my story before will remember parts of it, which I rewrote from memory for this article), as well as various facets about HG and some various points (those latter parts are coming tomorrow). Feel free to write in and leave comments!

Have a wonderful Holy Week and a terrific Easter, dear readers!!

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  1. I loved your article! It was not long-winded at all, just long. And really helpful. Thanks for giving us a window into life with HG, and the tips were wonderful.



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