Thursday, October 7, 2010

Accidentally unassisted homebirth

I loved this birth! Wow, talk about fast!! One minute twenty-three seconds - at 0:00 she is getting into the tub, and at 1:23 she is cradling her newborn - and indeed, has been doing so for at least thirty seconds! Wow! (I watched it again later and found that the time from "woman climbing into tub" to "woman holding new baby" is about 22 seconds. Amazing!)

This is an accidental unassisted birth - the midwife was five minutes away, but didn't quite make it.

When I was watching this birth, my one concern was why the mum was so disengaged from the person videotaping. Why wasn't she smiling and talking and making eye contact?

And then I read the caption - not only did the midwife miss this birth, but so did her husband! He went down to meet the midwife, she got in the tub, and BAM! Hubbie and midwife both came back to find a mama and baby cuddled up in the tub. What a woman! Loved it!

(The video says disabled for some reason, but just click on it to watch it on YouTube.)


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