Sunday, October 3, 2010

Interesting Article: Birth Rape

I have been following the birth rape debate (i.e. the "do women have or not have the right to call certain birth abuses "rape"?) for a while now, and it's an interesting one.

Do I believe that birth rape exists? Absolutely. Try checking this out at Navelgazing Midwife:

Birth: Rape and Otherwise

And here's the thing: I have heard the same stories, over and over, from every doula with whom I have ever spoken. Laboring women being held down, being given forced, unwanted vaginal exams, being cut (given episiotomies) against their express, spoken wishes - all sorts of absolutely horrific abuses that come under both the categories of assault/battery and rape. This stuff is not being made up. If you want to know more, just google "birth rape" and you will find some of the ugliest, horrific stories you have ever known. (And perpetrators are not limited to obstetricians - they include also midwives and nurses and other healthcare providers.)

Navelgazing Midwife also wrote another excellent article on the subject - I encourage you to check it out:

What Doesn't Feel Right, Isn't

I read another fascinating article on the subject today, which I encourage you to read - an excellent perspective:

It's Not RAPE Rape

Does anyone have thoughts on this? Discussion is welcomed. (Though it must be polite, calm, respectful and thoughtful. Any sort of hatefulness or rudeness will be, as always, deleted automatically and immediately without comment.) But this is a very thought-provoking topic, though a very saddening one.

I thank God that I have only known the most humane and respectful treatment from my pregnancy/birth care providers - some women aren't so blessed. A big thank-you to all the obstetricians, physicians, midwives and nurses out there who are out there providing wonderful, respectful, loving care to pregnant and birthing women! We love you!


  1. Thank you so much for quoting me. This is a topic that's been dear to me for years (obviously). After yesterday's article, I began another post on the topic. The backlash against the word "rape" in birthrape is appalling and must be addressed.

    Thank YOU for opening the discussion in your space.

  2. Barbara - thank YOU for visiting and commenting! What an honor! :) Love your blog and enjoy every post; thank you for your writings and your work! :)

  3. Nice blog..


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