Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birth Story & Prayer Request

This is an absolutely beautiful all-natural (after a medically-indicated induction), doula-attended hospital birth.... check it out:

Ewan's Birth Story

And what a lovely OB she had - I loved how sweet, gentle, and concerned she was - really concerned about both baby and mama, but giving choices and respecting decisions. Just lovely.

"She explained to us what our options were. She could send us home, seeing as the baby was obviously doing fine at this point. Her concern was that there might be a drop in activity that we wouldn’t know to be alarmed about and that they wouldn’t be able to get him out in time. That’s what my heart can’t handle, she said, choking up and her eyes misting over. The other option was to stay and induce. She would try some natural means first, stripping the membranes and seeing how that worked before we tried anything like pitocin. She left us so we could discuss, and would come back to check and see what kind of progress I might have made already."

Just lovely! What a great doc. 

But now, for the most important - really important - part of this post: a serious and urgent prayer request for this baby and his family. This family needs your prayers right now.

The parents knew that baby Ewan would have problems, but he has turned out to have far more extensive health concerns than was believed. He is currently not doing very well, and his parents may have to make end-of-life decisions very soon if he does not pick up very quickly. Would you pray for this baby? For his healing and his health to progress, and also for peace and strength for his parents. You can follow their story as it develops at the above link.

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