Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Mother's Birth Story Collection

Jessica at Working on a Full House has posted an entry telling her four birth stories - with accompanying adorable baby pictures!

My Birth Stories

Her first birth was a hospital birth - epidural, episiotomy - that she describes as follows:

"I really regret having her in the hospital and that way. It was all so un-natural and off. They swooped her away from me and I did not get to hold my little girl for 45 LONG minutes because they said they needed to get stuff out of her nose and clean her up.......Then they left and I tried to nurse and it did not go well. The nurse was rude, I was clueless and just did what they said. I remember them wheeling me into another room and told me I needed sleeping drugs and I said "okay" then they took Gracie for the night and fed her formula from a cup without my permission and brought her to me the next morning. Also, they gave her a vitamin K shot without me knowing and put some antibiotic in her eye without me knowing(which I believe led to a year of a clogged tear duct for her) and it just disheartens me thinking about it all. We were so ignorant and young."
But she also says:

"I do however remember just being head over heals in love and like I was just given the best gift in the whole world. I remember praying and thanking the Lord and asking Him to make me better for her. I wanted to be a better person because of this little life. I remember crying with joy often because I was so in love and grateful for Gracie. She captured my heart like nothing else had before. She was the beginning to a new life of rewards and blessings that I could have never dreamed up."

What a sweet tribute to a new little one!

Her subsequent three births were all-natural births in a midwife-run birth center, which she rates very highly.

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to hearing your next upcoming birth story! 

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  1. oh fun. Thank you!!! I love to share with other women how much better and healthier natural childbirth is. Hope it helps someone. Bless you.



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