Thursday, May 17, 2012

From Yuck to More Yuck!

For several years, I have had a fascination with the topic of birth control - not so much from the standpoint of health (though that is a huge issue, especially with hormonal methods of birth control), but from the standpoints of ethics, religion, history, and sociology. It is a fascinating study.

I have already posted thoughts and more thoughts on the birth control pill, something that I regret having used at one time (and will certainly never use again!). And now, I wanted to link to this article, which had oodles upon oodles of even more information about (and against) birth control pills.

I don't have time to delve in depth into this article here, so I just encourage you to read the article. It blew my mind - especially the parts on the social implications of birth control pills - and I think there's a lot there to ponder, both personally and as a society. If you'd like to discuss any aspects of it (nicely, civilly, politely), please feel free to post! 

Utterly fascinating stuff. Thanks to Cindy over at Get Along Home for the link! 

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  1. I´m not sure about my opinion about the pill...
    On the one side it helps u do regulate your period.On the other hand it may makes u fat...
    What are your experiences with the pill?


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