Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fall Midwifery Picnic Pictures

My wonderful midwife has posted pictures of our last client-reunion fall picnic (from Fall 2009), so if you click on this link and then click on "Fall Picnic 2009" you can see lovely pictures of this event! All of our midwives, apprentices, and tons of clients are pictured!

Fall Picnic 2009

I am pictured occasionally in these photographs, along with both our elder son and baby (who was then 4-6 weeks old). This was a hard time for me - I was out by myself with both kids (for probably the first time), dealing with some yucky back pain, and also pretty much a single parent (DH was out with that broken rib that he got falling in our flooded kitchen... such a fun time!). It was nice to get out and see people, but also very stressful to care for baby and try to watch our eldest run about at the same time! Definitely a learned art. During the big group picture, I am trying to smile for the camera while frantically scanning the playground trying to find our son (he went AWOL for quite some time). Ah, well - thankfully, life is not quite as stressful as it was during that month!

We love our midwives! Tomorrow is the International Day of the Midwife - celebrate! And hug a midwife while you're at it!

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