Friday, May 14, 2010

Great Birth Quote

I am currently re-reading through ICAN's birth-story blog festival from April, and I found this quote that I loved from Sherena's HBAC story that mirrors a lot of what I felt about natural birth:

"I came away from my birth experience feeling, “Wow, what was that? THAT was amazing.” It was traumatic. It was awesome. It was painful. It was cool. It was frustrating. It was a triumph.

"Since my daughter’s birth, I’ve read off and on some of my birthing books and stuff on websites. I’ve watched birth videos. I’ve read birth stories. I’ve been looking for something—an explanation. Why did I think that was so cool? I didn’t expect this transformation of sorts. How do I explain how I felt about giving birth naturally? I thought I knew how I would feel. I was wrong. It was more awesome than I expected. Why do I feel like it affected me so greatly? Am I becoming the sappy female that I’ve always vowed I’d never be? I can’t find the words. In the reading I’ve done, I’ve come across two words that are used often in describing natural childbirth. Those words are “empowering” and “transforming.” Do I think these words apply? Sure. Can I explain what they mean? I don’t know if I’m there yet, but am ok with leaving their meaning a mystery. Perhaps it’s meant to be a mystery—maybe something given to us at creation. I recommend the journey of natural childbirth. Don’t be afraid of the challenge. I believe women are stronger than they often think they are."

Love that.

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