Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Unassisted Birth Video

I loved this video! Check it out!

The caption says:

"What happens when you go to use the bathroom and you feel your baby start crowning as you sit on the toilet? This mom was only in labor for a short time and fully intended to go to the hospital, but she had to go to the bathroom first. (Often feeling like you need to take a BM is really the baby‘s head!) Sure enough, instead of a BM she looked down to see the baby starting to come out as she pushed on toilet. No time to go to the hospital, so she stayed calm, stayed where she was, and gently pushed her baby’s head out and then the rest of the body on the toilet with her husband‘s help."

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This mother was an amazing birther - wow! She is head and shoulders about me in birthing technique. And the daddy - WOW! This fellow needs to drop his day job and become a midwife! He was terrific!

The only thing that made me nervous about this birth was that the mother stayed on the toilet almost to the moment of birth - having seen how fast babies catapult out at the end of birth, I would definitely be nervous of baby falling into the toilet! But the dad did an awesome job and caught the baby quite professionally. And did I see a caul?

Congrats to this family!

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