Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where Am I?

Good question!

Any readers will have seen that my posts on this blog have been a bit sparse lately, and those that I have posted have more often than not been "Hey! Someone at blog X wrote a really good post, so go and read it!" - i.e. not my own writing.

Two reasons:

Reason #1: My time for blogging (or anything non-essential) has been reduced to almost nil lately. Blogging mothers of more than one child, I salute you! I really don't know how you do it! Between meeting the needs of my two children and my own need for sleep (and a reasonably clean living space), my personal time has vaporized. On the rare occasion that both children are sleeping at once, my instinct is to snatch a nap. Or scrub baseboards with a toothbrush, depending on my obsession for the day. (No, I don't scrub baseboards - no time - but they are driving me crazy to look at! Who thought of these crazy dust-collecting fixtures, anyway?) But anyhow, blogs have had to take a backseat for now.

Reason #2: I have felt called lately to turn my energies (or what remains of them) inward, toward my family, my parenting skills, my faith life, rather than outward toward my involvement in the birth world. Birth-junkie-ism can be rather all-consuming, and I believe that God is calling me to put that on the back-burner and focus on my kids, my marriage, and my relationship with Him - all of which could use some work! Thus, I have been limiting my involvement in the birth community, blogging less than I would like, and putting most birth-related reading on complete hold. Instead, I've been trying to focus on my Bible time, reading parenting and marriage books, and focusing on learning the skills I need for a happy and healthy home life. That is challenge enough to occupy my time!

Back-tracking has not been easy for me. As birth junkies know, when the birth bug bites, it bites hard. And it bites for good. I am in the birth world for good, and hopefully there will be a season of my life when I can participate more fully.

Believe me, I will still be around (I think!). And all of this could reverse tomorrow. But for now, if I'm not around as much as I used to be, you'll know why!

One project I have been meaning to tackle (and will hopefully get to soon) is writing out my breastfeeding stories. With both babies I have had incredibly hard times establishing breastfeeding (for completely different reasons with each!), and I want to write those stories down before I forget them any further! Hopefully in the next week or two.

And now, off to bed! A busy day ahead tomorrow!

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