Monday, March 22, 2010

The Belly-Casting Doula

Here is yet another article featuring one of my amazing doulas, Rose Day:

Pregnancy Remembered Forever Through Art

Rose is an terrific doula (if you need a doula, call her up!) who did a fantastic job at my birth, along with her partner Nikki. She is also an amazing woman (homeschooling mom to 7, childbirth educator, professional doula, doula and birth educator trainer), and one of her newest sidelines is doing bellycasting. I have seen her work, and she truly does a fantastic job. If you're interested, give her a call!

I thought about getting a bellycast done with this past baby, but never got around to it because of (a) money, and (b) it wasn't something that would really fit in my decorating scheme. But they are truly beautiful, and moms who have them done for more than one baby usually say they can see amazing differences in how they carried their babies. Several moms I know have them hung on their living room walls - beautiful and great conversation starters!

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