Saturday, March 27, 2010

Post for a Friend: Info Needed!

If any of you can recommend a doula (or any other great birth resources) in the Chicago area, would you let me know? I promised a friend that I would do a little searching for her, but so far it seems that my resources don't reach that far. Any information would be appreciated!

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  1. All my info is about 5 years old, but I'll give what I can. Also, Chicago is a big place, and it matters which side of the city you're on, in the suburbs, etc.

    My midwives were Nancy Derrig and Chris Butler (now doing hospital births); they had a labor/birth assistant named Amanda Younker-Cann [I think that was how to spell her last name]. Of course, they all could have moved entirely away from the city for all I know. We lived in the western suburbs, so if she lives in Chicago proper, that may not help even if they're still in the same places.

    She should also ask around at La Leche League meetings, call Bradley (or other) birth instructors, ask at health food stores, etc. There's also Dr. Mayer Eisenstein with Home First, who does home births. Even if she's planning a hospital birth, they may help out with doulas they know and/or love to work with.



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