Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birth and Mustard Greens

You know the birth bug has bitten....

..... when you see mustard greens and think "birth."

Yes, seriously!

The other day, I was eating lunch with our 4yo (lunch = a conglomerate of leftovers from three separate meals; yes, life as a SAHM is weird), and I happened to look down at the mustard greens I was eating. I immediately felt a thrill of recognition as the thought popped into my head - "Wow! The veining pattern on these mustard greens looks exactly like the pattern of blood vessels on the fetal side of a placenta!"

Then I sat there for a while and contemplated the interconnectedness of life, etc. etc. etc. When I got finished singing "Kumbaya", I finished lunch.

No, seriously, I just finished eating lunch. But what does this tell me?

#1 - The birth bug bites hard! But we all knew that, I think.

#2 - I love placentas! Seriously, I think I am starting to have a placenta passion. I am so impressed by this beautiful organ, and by all that it can do. I am also (as I mentioned) starting to look into doing placenta encapsulation. At a birth meeting last week, two of three mothers telling birth stories spontaneously broke into praise of placenta encapsulation for post-partum mood control. I want to spread the word on this incredible resource!

And thirdly, I need to get to bed! Good night, all!

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