Tuesday, March 9, 2010

National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

I've had this post ready for some time, but as the time neared I found I was having difficulty actually posting it. I had nerves, jitters, second guesses, the whole shot.

Why? Well, for several reasons, all of which revealed some fairly revolting character defects. Let's look at it....

Firstly... I like to be liked! I just do! I admit it. I can obsess morbidly over criticism for days, if not weeks. Posting about a controversial topic is a great way to get criticism and/or personal attacks... and I found myself shrinking away from it.

Secondly... I have more to lose than I did last year when I posted on this subject! I love blogging, and I now have (*gasp*) a few blog followers! How many are going to click "unsubscribe me now!" after reading a pro-life entry? (The fact that I would even consider that factor disgusts me even as I write!)

What can I say? Apparently my character needs some work. A friend of mine this past week told me how much courage it took for her to post something controversial on Facebook, knowing how it might be received. I need the same kind of courage to post about things I believe in. And, after all, as one author wrote (I don't remember who, and this is a paraphrase) - "If nobody hates you, maybe you aren't speaking enough truth." I should probably take that to heart.

And so, without further ado, here is my contribution for National Abortion Provider's Day.

As always, civil, thoughtful and kind comments/questions are always welcome. Comments that are rude, spiteful or hateful will be deleted immediately without response.


Abortion is…

A young life

Ending in violence

A baby dying horribly

For our convenience

Abortion is…

An infant

Whose life is unwanted – and thus disposable –

Because her conception

Was not perfectly planned

Abortion is…

A baby with birth defects

“Sorry, baby – We only wanted you

If you were healthy and normal.

We’ll try again for a better baby later.”

Abortion is…

A baby with fatal anomalies

Dying - not at peace in its mother’s arms

Hearing a whispered “We love you, sweetie; go with God.” -

But an end of coldness, fear, and pain

And a careless disposal of its precious tiny body

In a hospital’s biowaste trashcan

Abortion is….

The biggest abuse

Ever perpetrated

Against the world’s women

And their little ones

Abortion is…

The greatest tragedy mankind has ever wrought

Upon itself.


  1. Very good! So sad. :-(


  2. Thanks for being courageous. What a heart-wrenching poem.

  3. Lately, my husband and I have been talking about possibly adopting. We have a birth child and might want one more. I've loved the idea of adopting since I was a child. I have been learning about agencies that birth moms can turn to to place their babies up for adoption. I think those women are brave, courageous, selfless, and admirable. They could be getting abortions and, instead, they are giving their babies the gift of life, a loving family, and they are making the dreams of many families with infertility issues come true. If only more women did that...

  4. Good for you:) It's hard to believe that they have a day to appreciate those who do this procedure. It seems very wrong to me.

  5. i gave birth to a baby boy a month back and your writeup on abortion really touches me. great one.


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