Saturday, September 18, 2010

Absolutely Lovely - Birth Story and Video

First, the story:

My Beautiful Birth

I love her opener:

"Spoiler Alert: I end up with a baby."

Dang! She spoiled the ending! :)

And then her lovely birth video:

Leila's Homebirth

A beautiful birth, and an absolutely gorgeous media job - I lovely the seamless integration of still photos and video footage. Simply beautiful. If I was a techie genius, I would put that together for my births too! But then again, I wouldn't have her gorgeous hair and photogenic labor-looks, so it would likely be all for naught. :)

Congratulations, new mama!!


  1. Thanks for posting! Nice hearing from fellow blogging birth junkies. :)

  2. You're welcome! Looking forward to checking out your blog! :)


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