Saturday, September 25, 2010

Et Voila!

This past week or two, I have been working on a new project - updating my link lists on my sidebar! Check it out! I have at least doubled the amount of links that I have for local birth resources. My links now include:

- Midwives, group listings
- Midwives, listing by practice
- Birth Doulas
- Postpartum Doulas
- Childbirth Education, by type
- Childbirth Education, by practitioner
- Arizona Birth Centers
- Prenatal Yoga
- Pregnancy Chiropractic
- Pregnancy & Infant Massage
- Breastfeeding Support, by Practitioner
- Breastfeeding Support groups
- Pregnancy Photography
- Bellycasting

Plus all of the informational link lists (which could stand to be updated as well.... another day!).

If you are an Arizona birth professional and would like to be listed, let me know! I just need a name or business name and a website - if you don't have a website, give me a contact number or email address (and I'll just put a blank website like Google up to link to).

Thanks to everyone who has helped me with this project! (And if you're someone who sent me information that I listed incorrectly or only partially, let me know!)

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