Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two Conferences - "Birth Blooms in the Desert" and the Fall Midwifery Conference

The Arizona Birth Network will be hosting its first Valley Birth Conference, "Birth Blooms in the Desert," on Saturday, August 23rd. There will be vendors, professionals to talk to, and a host of speakers and seminars. It should be great! Check it out on the AZBN's blog here.

According to the announcement, seminar topics will include:

- Pre/Perinatal Psychology
- Benefits of Flower Essences
- Cloth Diaper Class for Beginners
- Organic Living for the Family
- Benefits of Chiropractic Care
- Perinatal Massage
- Breastfeeding Overview and Tips
- Benefits of Naturopathic Care
- Baby Wearing Demo & Fashion Show

I doubt that I'll be there, as I have a nursing baby - bummer!!! But if you have the chance to go - whether as a birth fan, expectant mama, or interested citizen, definitely check it out! The prices are (I think) now lower than those listed on the site, so contact AZBN for more info.

Also, a conference I am very excited about - the Arizona Autumn Midwifery Conference! Very, very exciting. Here is the information:

Arizona autumn midwifery conference

Combining evidence based medical knowledge
traditional midwifery skills

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This will be our 3rd annual autumn conference and we’re so excited! We have three wonderful and wise women speaking this year!
Sharon Hodges-Rust, midwife, herbalist and researcher will give us the newest info regarding vitamin k and the newborn

Claudine Calligan, CNM, CPM, FNP, will explain the how and why of the physical examination... midwife style

Special guest Gail Hart from Oregon, midwife, author, and well known speaker will be newly returned from the Midwifery Today conference in France and will be teaching us on a variety of topics

8:00 Registration..... continental breakfast
8:30 Welcome and opening
9:00 “First hour belongs to mother-baby” Gail Hart (1.)
10:00 “Vitamin k updates” Sharon Rust (1.)
11:00 “Prolonged labor” Gail Hart (1.5)
12:30 Lunch
1:15 “Hemorrhage” Gail Hart (1.5)
2:45 “Friendly holistic physical exam” Claudine Calligan (1.5)
4:15 “GBS & vaginal health” Gail Hart (1)
5:15 Closing- and a gift for you- to unite us all
6:00 Dinner
7:30 Dessert, drumming, dancing .... hot tub & champagne will be bubbling

This conference is open to all interested midwives, student-midwives, doulas and women in the birth community.
As always, nursing babies are welcome!


7.5 contact hours are applied for through MEAC and certificates will be provided at end of day.


Good, good stuff.... I may try to make this one if I can. Join us!

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