Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pushing for How Long?

A midwife friend of mine posted yesterday that she attended a birth in which the mama pushed for (wait for it)...

.... seven hours!

Yup, that's right - seven hours of active second-stage labor. What a woman. And what a midwife! That is a powerful couple of women there - the woman for doing it, and the midwife for being patient instead of throwing in the towel and transporting. You can pretty much guess with accuracy that if this woman had birthed in hospital, she would have been sectioned (unless she had a beyond-awesome doctor or hospital midwife).

Baby and mother are doing beautifully. Congratulations!!

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  1. The midwife who attended my 4HBAC (wonderful woman)told me that the longest she had ever attended was 10 hours! She said as long as the baby was doing great and mom was not interested in anything other than what she was doing what was the point to push them into a transport. Got to LOVE home birth midwives!!!


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