Saturday, September 18, 2010

Six Babies and Counting

That's six babies that I've "nursed" - so exciting! Two of my own, and four others from our stored milk.

We had major nursing problems with #2 - I'm still procrastinating on writing up that story - and for about seven weeks, baby was bottle-fed while I pumped milk for him. I heard repeatedly that pumping would eventually kill my supply, but for those seven weeks, the reverse was true - I went into oversupply, and for a good while was freezing an extra 12 ounces a day (besides that which I had to throw out from unfinished bottles!).

A few months ago, as the expiration date started coming up on the milk, I posted to see if anyone could use it - and it quickly went winging its way to a friend's sister-in-law who needed it for some NICU triplets. Hurray!

I kept a small box for myself in case it was needed. Then, as I realized that it too needed to go (before it expired), a good friend posted on Facebook - "Help! I need milk!" - so two weeks ago, my last bit went to her new little one.

Moral of the story - Milk-sharing is wonderful! If you have milk stored in your freezer, don't let it expire just to throw it away! Get it out there! There are TONS of babies out there who can benefit from unneeded breast-milk supplies. Good things happen when extra milk is spread around.


  1. Milk sharing is the best! Plus it is the best feeling ever!!!

  2. I love this! Everyone who can should try to do this. I just gave birth to my first 2 wks ago but am already sharing milk:) I knew I'd have a good supply, b/c not only are my "containers" if you will, big, but I had tons of colostrum before birth. I was even able to pump about 1+ oz at a time prenatally:) Oh and that's with just a manual pump! Now it seems I HAVE TO pump or I'm leaking allover. Baby is getting more than enough though- many diapers, spits up a lot, and even PUT ON weight her first week (milk came in fast in addition to hearty supply of colostrum her first few days). Funnily enough one of my close friends who I met in the middle of my pregnancy has sever supply issues and MUST bottle feed her baby. So it all kind of worked out:)

  3. Hi
    I'm so interested as to why you had such a terrible time nursing your second. My second is due in 6 weeks and I am just so nervous about feeding this little one. I had a VERY difficult time with my first and know I won't be able to go through that again. I'd e-mail you, but can't seem to find your e-mail. I'd love to know some ideas on avoiding breast feeding issues if you have any :)
    Thanks so much. xo Dana


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