Friday, September 10, 2010

Six Couples, Six Years, 24 Babies

About six years ago, six young married couples (myself and DH as one of them) met at a church within the span of about five months. We immediately formed a group and bonded really well, and though since then we've all gone our separate ways and are now scattered across the country, we have all kept in touch.

When we met, we were almost all childless - one couple had a six-month-old, and one couple had lost a baby in a tubal pregnancy. But all of us were in the market for parenthood, and over these past six years our babies have arrived in waves, for a total of 24 babies at present (12 of which are embryo-adoption babies) - nine born, one in-utero, six in waiting (EA babies not yet transferred) and eight in heaven.

It has been fascinating to watch the paths that the six families have taken with their childbearing - we have been all over the map. I thought that I'd write down just some of the experiences that we have had - we haven't experienced everything, but it's been close. So here goes....

As a six-couple set, we have experienced among us:

Fertility issues:

- Easy conception
- Fertility problems, short-term
- Fertility problems, long-term/permanent
- The full range of fertility testing
- Embryo adoption

Baby/Pregnancy losses:

- Early miscarriage (~4 weeks)
- Miscarriage at 8 weeks
- Failed IVF embryo adoption transfer
- Miscarriage after successful embryo adoption transfer
- Ectopic pregnancy, followed by emergency surgery


- Morning sickness-free pregnancies
- Mild morning sickness pregnancies
- Hyperemesis gravidarum, untreated
- Hyperemesis gravidarum, treated
- Gestational diabetes
- Pregnancy hypertension
- Breech (resolved)
- Preterm labor
- Postdates (one of the group regularly goes to 42 weeks)
- GBS+

Childbirth Education

- Hypnobirthing
- Lamaze, hospital classes
- Self-education
- Bradley


- Hospital birth, unmedicated
- Hospital birth, medicated
- Bradley birth
- Induction with a provider whose limit was 41 weeks
- Cesarean section after failed induction
- Elective repeat cesarean section
- Induction with the "dead baby card" played
- Homebirth
- Home waterbirth
- Homebirth transport to hospital
- OB care
- Midwifery care (CPM only, no CNMs yet)

I'm pretty sure I've missed some of our adventures, but that's a good beginning list. It has been quite an experience for all of us, sharing both our triumphs and our losses together. The adventure still continues, as well.... some of us are done (as in DONE), some of us are just beginning, some of us are still on the journey, some of us aren't sure where we are.

I'm looking forward to meeting however many more little ones join us!


  1. As the moms of 3 babies who were adopted as embryos, we would like to invite you to visit our blog:

    2 Jens

  2. 2 Jens - Thank you for the invite! I have subscribed to your sweet blog and am looking forward to reading it. I love embryo adoption, and you probably know my EA friend through EA blogs (she also is a Jen). Sorry for the delay - I don't get notified of all blog comments, and I just saw this comment when looking through my blog. Welcome, and thanks for reading!

  3. Wow. What a wide range of experiences. It really brings home how each of us has unique paths and lessons to learn!


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