Saturday, September 18, 2010

Video: Birth in a Caul

I loved this birth! Check it out! It is a waterbirth with baby born in a caul - that is, with the amniotic sac intact around the baby. Thanks to Lisa for posting!

Homebirth Video - Born in the Caul

I have always wanted to have a caul-baby, but both of my labors have started with SROM (spontaneous rupture of membranes). If we have another at any time, I'll hope to experience this!

I used to think that birth en caul was extremely rare, but a homebirth midwife friend of mine writes "just had another caul baby!" posts on Facebook at least every month or two. I know that birth with a caul has been almost eradicated in hospital birth due to the unfortunate practice of routine AROM (artificial rupture of membranes) in laboring mothers. Such a pity, for many reasons.

Another thing I loved about this birth - it is done at a natural pace. Something that I find so disheartening about many hospital births is the continued presence of "purple pushing" - i.e. caregivers shouting at the mother to "Push! Push! PUSH! Harder! One! Two! Three! PUSH!" It is an outdated practice that has been shown to have negative repercussions for both mother and baby, but dinosaurs take a while to die - especially in the labor room. Check out this article by Holistic Doula NYC:

Pushing During Labor: Coached Pushing vs Physiologic Pushing

Purple pushing - not a good thing. The second-stage (pushing phase) of the birth in the video above is obviously done in perfect harmony with the mother's urges to push - that is, slowly and gently. A pattern for us all to follow, for sure!

Good stuff here!

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