Thursday, September 23, 2010

Local Doula in the News

One of my fabulous doulas, Nikki Ausdemore (whom you can see in my birth pics), was in the news this past week when her son suffered a severe "brain bleed" due to a congenital brain defect (which only manifests when it "goes off"). He survived it, miraculously (this condition has a 30% initial mortality rate), but is in the hospital and underwent brain surgery this morning. You can read the story here:

Headache Almost Turns Deadly for Valley Boy

First of all, prayers for this sweet family would be greatly appreciated! Secondly, this catastrophe unfortunately struck when the Ausdemore family was without health insurance. When this is all said and done, they will be tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars in debt. If you would care to contribute (and keep up on the updates), here is the Facebook page for that:

Jake Ausdemore Healing Fund

Anything to support this sweet family in a time of real need is a blessing to them!

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